Bath Salts
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Bath Salts

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We know it's tough to get a solid 20 minutes away from life just to relax, but you deserve it. Don't have a bath? These salts can also be used as foot soaks. We use dead sea salt in our bath salts, and is known to be the highest quality sea salts and commonly used in therapeutics for relaxation and muscle soreness.


The Sage (Sage Lavender) - We use the finest of Clary Sage Essential Oils. It is a clean, refreshing scent that is commonly used in aromatherapy for stress reduction. **Individuals with low blood pressure should check with a doctor prior to use**

Plain Jane (Unscented) - A continuation of our unscented offerings, get all the benefits of epsom salts, organic dead sea salt, and golden jojoba oil without the worry of existing allergies.

R*sy Cheeks (Rose) -  We aren't talking about flushed cheeks on your face, we're talking about the other cheeks. The rose scent is not only a reminder of spring and summer gardens, but is commonly used for stress relief as well.

Be Still (Chamomile) - This is a simple, calming mix. This scent is perfect when winding down from a long day, or just for some nice deep breaths in a hot bath. 



1. Massage pouch to mix any settled materials

2. Pour desired amount into warm water

3. Stir

4. Enjoy you some "me time"

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