Sugar Scrubs
Sugar Scrubs
Sugar Scrubs
Sugar Scrubs
Sugar Scrubs
Sugar Scrubs
Sugar Scrubs
Sugar Scrubs
That Sage Life

Sugar Scrubs

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That Sage Life sugar scrubs are the perfect solution to exfoliate and freshen up your skin. The coarseness of sugar promotes healthy and smooth skin. While it can be used on the body and the face, it should be kept out of the eyes and is not meant for consumption.


The Sage (Sage) - We use the finest of Clary Sage Essential Oils. It is a clean, refreshing scent that is commonly used in aromatherapy for stress reduction. **Individuals with low blood pressure should check with a doctor prior to use**

Woosah! (Lavender) - This lavender essential oil mix is a beautiful combination of Lavender scents. Lavender is commonly used to aid in treating anxiety, nervousness, and restlessness. It is also believed to assist in treating alopecia when treating alopecia. Take a whiff and give you that woosah! moment you've been waiting for.

Or*nge Sm**thie (Citrus) - This custom, in-house citrus blend with a hint of vanilla is reminiscent of one of our favorite orange smoothies (any guesses what that might be?). Citrus is known for its mood-boosting effects.

The Nag. (Nag Champa) - A fragrance oil that includes a mix of patchouli, juniper, rose geranium, and vanilla. If you enjoy a deep, rich scent this is for you. A great option if you aren't a fan of "those girly scents".

R*sy Cheeks (Rose) -  This scrub is good for whatever cheeks you want to be rosy. The rose scent is not only a reminder of spring and summer gardens, but is commonly used for stress relief as well.

Per*suede Me (Hickory & Suede) -  No matter how you identify yourself, this is for someone who wants a more masculine scent. 

Bloomin* Or*nge (Citrus Floral) - The perfect combo of citrus and floral.

Plain J*ne (Unscented) - Have allergies? Get the scrub and cleansing of our organic scrub without any worry of existing allergies.


Scoop about 1 tbsp of scrub into your hands and thoroughly rub your hands together, ensuring to scrub each finger, the tops, and palms. Rinse thoroughly. Scoop more as needed for larger surface coverage.

Pair it with the hand salve after the scrub for extra dry or a deeper softness.


With the exception to scent, some mica colorant, and some dried floral (in rose, lavender, and sage), the ingredient list for each flavor is:

Organic White Sugar (Saccharide hydrolysate)
Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil (Caprylic/Capric triglyceride)
Optiphen (Phenoxyethanol and Caprylyl glycol)
Titanium Dioxide
Vitamin E Oil (Tocopherol)


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